What are the benefits of incorporating additional procedures into my clinic?

Whether you’re a beautician, a dentist, a doctor, or an expert injector, chances are you already considered what steps to take to offer a wider range of procedures to your clients.

If you find yourself unsure about what to choose, there’s no need to worry. We will explore the most popular procedures that you can consider adding to your clinic in 2024.

Incorporating a diverse range of procedures into a clinic can yield several notable benefits. Firstly, it enhances the overall service offerings, allowing the clinic to cater to a broader spectrum of patient needs. This versatility not only attracts a more diverse clientele but also fosters patient loyalty by providing comprehensive care under one roof.

Expanding the range of procedures can also lead to increased revenue streams for the clinic. Offering popular and in-demand services can attract new patients and encourage existing ones to explore additional treatments. This, in turn, contributes to the clinic’s financial growth and sustainability.

Furthermore, diversification of procedures can establish the clinic as a comprehensive healthcare destination, instilling confidence in patients who seek a one-stop solution for their diverse medical or aesthetic needs. This holistic approach can enhance the clinic’s reputation, fostering a positive image within the community and attracting referrals.

Additionally, staying abreast of emerging trends and incorporating new procedures showcases the clinic’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. This proactive approach not only sets the clinic apart from competitors but also ensures it remains relevant in a dynamic healthcare landscape.

In summary, the benefits of incorporating more procedures into a clinic encompass improved patient care, increased revenue, enhanced reputation, and a resilient position in the ever-evolving healthcare industry.




In recent years, the Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) has surged in popularity, emerging as a coveted cosmetic enhancement procedure that has captivated individuals seeking a curvier and more defined silhouette. This trend reflects evolving beauty standards and a growing cultural appreciation for fuller, rounded buttocks.

If you have experience with dermal fillers or are an experienced injector, our BBL Training Course is the perfect occasion to enhance your expertise in one of the most popular non-surgical procedure. The Brazilian Buttock Lift, training course is a Masterclass during which you will learn injection techniques and application for the most frequently requested areas of the body under the professional supervision of our experts  of Harley Elite Academy in central London.


 One of the most researched procedures on our website is PRP, Platelet-rich plasma, which uses a patient’s own blood cells to accelerate healing. PRP is prepared by taking the patient’s blood and then using a  centrifugation process that separate PRP from platelet-poor plasma and red blood cells

Clinical PRP is popular within the fields of Sports medicine, Traumatology, Wound Healing and Tooth implants. Aesthetic PRP involeves procedures such as Skin Rejuvenation, Hair restoration and Acne Scars. By attending our PRP course at Harley Street, our experts will be able to provide a hands on practical session, if you choose to attend in clinic, and will cover topics such as  mechanism of action, safety and efficacy issues, management and treatment of complications, dilution guidelines, and more.

PRP works effectively in skin rejuvenation, facial resurfacing, microneedling, and combines well with HA, PDO threads, skin boosters, peeling, or CO2 lasers. It also proves beneficial for hair restoration, showing positive results in various protocols for Androgenic alopecia and age-related hair loss.

We will cover pertinent information including mechanism of action, safety and efficacy issues, management and treatment of complications, dilution guidelines, and more.
  • Hands on practical session – skin rejuvenation and hair loss
  • Extraction, Preparation and Dosage Management
  • Injection techniques – face, neck and head (hair loss); also the use of cannula

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate and title of PRP Certified Practitioner.


Lemon bottle is a solution for non-surgical fat elimination proceduresAs a matter of fact, it is an injectable compound whose formula facilitates the efficient elimination of fat cells from the body.This method provides patients with an almost painless encounter and minimal to no swelling or bruising after the treatment. Other benefits are the short recovery time and visible improvements shortly after the treatment.


If you  want to become a Lemon Bottle expert, our Full Fat Dissolving Lipolysis Course is for you with practical day. It is a comprehensive course that covers all major brands, with the focus on Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving Treatments.


The course is designed for both medical and non-medical professionals with a minimum NVQ Level 3 qualification and suitable insurance. It includes online theory modules and a one-day practical training session at our clinic Harley Elite Academy in London.

During the practical training session, you will use Lemon Bottle products under the guidance of our expert doctors and mentors. This will give you the confidence and hands-on experience you need to excel in Lemon Bottle fat dissolving treatments.

This course equips you with the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively perform fat dissolve procedures using Lemon Bottle products.

Completing this course can help you to grow your existing expertise and expand your treatment offerings using the trusted Lemon Bottle brand. With just one click, you can book your spot and take your career to new heights with Lemon Bottle.


  • All our courses are Level 7, CPD accredited, and upon successful completion, you will receive a Certificate. 
  • All our Training courses are delivered by experienced medical professionals only. You can find all the information about our Doctors, Surgeons and their academic background at the following link: https://harleyeliteacademy.com/academy-team-mentors/
We offer training sessions led by top-notch surgeons, and uniquely, our clinic stands out by providing exclusive one-on-one online courses. Unlike recorded sessions, our live courses ensure direct interaction with our skilled surgeons, offering you a personalized learning experience.

If you are a medical professional considering a career in aesthetic medicine or  already have experienced and looking to obtain formal recognition for their knowledge and skills, we also offer a Level 7 Diploma that will provide you with the relevant knowledge and practical skills to safely and competently perform the following procedures independently, dealing with complications.


 You can contact us for more information, click here to send your message!

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