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Harley Elite London Aesthetics adheres to a success-oriented approach, focusing on guiding individuals to excel in their new careers within the Aesthetic industry. Our programs prioritize the use of cutting-edge, safe, and up-to-date educational methods to enhance your skills and knowledge. Our aim is to prepare you to work with clients, accentuating their natural style and features, so they can achieve their utmost confidence and look and feel their best. 

Our training courses are designed for professionals such as doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, physiotherapists, and medical students.

Aesthetics & Cosmetic Medicine Training Courses for International Medical Professionals
ONLINE or In-CLINIC (Hands-On)

The Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine will equip you with the crucial knowledge in becoming an all rounded aesthetic practitioner and is a progression from basic to advanced treatments and techniques available in the industry.

Throughout the program you will become well versed with crucial theoretical and anatomical knowledge allowing you to select and perform appropriate cosmetic procedures to enhance the patient’s features and target specific concerns and indications. You will also become familiar with emergency protocols, possible complications that may arise and how to avoid them.

The Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine is compiled of online modules ranging from cosmetic injectables and threads, mesotherapy, dermal science and therapies along with a range of medical and laser/ipl devices and their associated use. These modules are designed to deepen your knowledge in these areas and to complement the appropriate hands-on training.

International Medical Professionals

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Study online and invest in your career with build up Packages for Cosmetic Medicine & Aesthetics Training Courses

Practitioners from all over the world can upgrade their Diploma and opt to complete their hands-on training where you will gain the practical experience and skills required to perform these treatments and kick start your career within the cosmetic & Aesthetic industry.

Training Courses Agenda

History and cosmetic Post Care Advanced •  Mechanism of action •  Indications •  Onset and duration of action •  Contraindications •  Complications & Adverse Events • Video of the techniques for procedures • Documentation needed • Post-treatment instructions and Follow-up •  HANDS-ON Models (in Clinic)  •  Questions and Discussion on legal implications.

The online course is CPD approved | CME Accredited (8 hours verifiable).

Online Video Training Timeline

  • Online bookings available
  • After choosing your spot (Date & Time Available) 
  • Online training on Zoom / Skype apps
  • Total time 6h online theory
  • Coffee break 10 min each 90min

In Clinic Training Timeline

  • 10 am introduction and registration
  • 10:15 am lecture and theory
  • 12:00 questions and answers
  • 12:30 break , lunch ( we provide a lunch )
  • 13:00 discussion with models consultation
  • 13:30 Practice on Real Models
  • 15:00 coffee ☕ break
  • 15:30 concision of the trainings
  • 16:00 dealing with complications
  • 16:30 Final Testing 
  • 17:00 Received certificates

International Medical Professionals Application Form

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TRAINING COURSES PACKAGES that could transform your medical career.


2-7 days professional UK cpd accredited training courses

Why International Medical Professionals Choose to Train with us?

We specialise in Injectables & Dermal Fillers Training Courses for Doctors. 

We will provide everything you need to get started on either our Foundation Packages, Advanced Packages or Masterclass Packages, which is expert level course. You can then further develop your aesthetic skills with our Individual courses of Masterclass, Advanced Masterclass or Level 7 Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine. 

Our courses have been designed to meet the latest HEE Guidelines and GMC Guidance to ensure practitioners are ahead of regulation.After our course you can get cosmetic indemnity insurance through our course sponsors, Hamilton Fraser or Cosmetic Insure and start practicing immediately.

Certified CPD

Benefits for International Medical Professional to Train in Aesthetics

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