Phlebotomy Training Course

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Phlebotomists are trained professionals who are responsible for collecting blood samples from patients.
Samples are then examined in a laboratory where the analysed results are used to diagnose diseases and various medical conditions.
As a phlebotomist you will be responsible for these samples.
This course equips you to all the knowledge and skills required to work in this field


  • The phlebotomy course has been structured into two parts. (1 or 3 Days)
  • OPTION 1) Theory and Dry Lab 1 Day Course will take place at different locations: main location is Harley Street No.10, London W1G 9PF. You will receive an attendance certificate after learning phlebotomy theory and practicing on the dummy arm.  The course will be from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm (for London).

You will receive a Attendance Certificate of Phlebotomy and Cannulation.  The courses are Accredited by CPD and NHS

The phlebotomy training includes Advanced Phlebotomy training which means how to collect blood from the back of the hand (dorsal veins).
Cannulation and Advanced Phlebotomy theory sessions are included.

  • OPTION 2) Live Blood Session 3 Days Course (Live blood sessions will take place at NHS surgeries/Hospitals where students draw blood from real patients. After completion of the live blood sessions and assessment, the student will receive an NHS competency certificate) The practical session will take place at postcode NW108RY (free parking available).

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1 day Phlebotomy (Theory and dry lab), 3 days NHS Phlebotomy Theory & Live Blood Sessions


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