Brazilian Buttock Lift IN-CLINIC MASTERCLASS








  • This course is intended for delegates who are now doing dermal fillers or whom are advanced injectors.
  • The Brazilian Butt Lift training includes improving shape, volumizing and sculpting the area with dermal filler.
  • We use Hyacorp MFL 2 or Genefill Products

During the HANDS_ON training day you will learn the following:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Consultation for patients 
  • Consent forms
  • Treatment information
  • After care
  • Disinfection & Safety
  • Indications and Contra-indications
  • Risks, side effects
  • Dealing  with complications
  • Marketing tips
  • Certificate upon completion CPD
All ​under the supervision of our fully trained aesthetics practitioners, with Medical background.
You will practice on real models and optional extra Mentoring date  can be provided if required!

BBL is the newest of the body augmentation treatments in the cosmetic/aesthetic industry Masterclass.


Practice in 1-day Course  ONE-TO-ONE Training

Non-Surgical Liquid Brazilian Butt Lift with Hyaluronic Acid ( difference Fillers )Hayacorp MFL 2 ,Genefill contour using cannulas.

Brazilian Butt lift with Fillers also called Liquid BBL has become one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Client’s are more than ever looking for non-surgical alternatives to the most popular cosmetic procedures.

Take advantage of this ever-growing market with our one-day intensive course, extend you level of injectable  procedure.

Our Buttock Augmentation training course you will learn  how to safely administrate the HA and effectively carry out these procedures to help your clients achieve a firmer, rounder buttock whilst saving your clients thousands on undergoing invasive surgery.

 The Brazilian Buttock Lift, training course consists in learning Master class  injection techniques and application for the most frequently requested areas of the body under professional supervise with some of the best experts  of Academy on central London.

You can extend the training with Legs, Arms and Calves. With Harley Elite Academy you can learn to practice in cosmetic medicine what the most celebrities want!

We will cover pertinent information including mechanism of action technique of safety, dealing  with  complications, dilution guidelines, and more., providing injectable  protocol for the products.

      • Contraindications 
      • Complications Management 
      • Post treatment advice 

You need to be medically qualified as a doctor, dentist, nurse, pharmacist or paramedic with full governing body registration and have completed a Foundation Filler Course and to have administered a number of cases.