HARLEY ELITE ACADEMY LONDON: Great opportunities for candidates from the United States

Are you a Medical Student, a Doctor, a Nurse or Midwife, a Dentist, Dental Nurse, Pharmacist or Physiotherapist?

We offer exclusive packages tailored for candidates from the USA.

Are you based in USA and would like to start a career in Aesthetics and learn from the best trainers and surgeons? 

Our London Clinic is famous worlwide and we have students attending from all over the world.

You can attend the course Online, or you can decide to come over for Practice, hands on in clinic.

No matter where you are in the world, you can attend our courses and have one to one training sessions tailored to your needs. We do not use recorded lesson, our trainer will be available for all the duration of the course so that you can ask your questions and share your doubts.

We have packages available for all levels, from beginner packages to expert Masterclasses.

Our most popular courses right now are:

  • PRP Hair & Skin

If you have a background in the medical field and would like to venture into the fields of Aesthetic we have the perfect foundation package to give you all the basic skills to become a certified professional.

See what our International candidate from Texas, USA  has to say about us!

For those already providing Aesthetic treatments and seeking to expand their clinic’s offerings, our most sought-after procedures include:

  • BBL Brazilian Buttock Lift
  • PRP/PRF Skin and Hair
  • Micro Nano Fat Grafting
  • Skin Booster Advanced
  • Dermal Filler Masterclass


You can choose to attend online:

  • Select On-line Attendance Mode
  • Use our discount code WELCOME24 at checkout for an extra 10% off (valid until the end of February)
  • Do not forget to choose the starting month
  • All our Training Courses are CPD Certified
After making the booking, we will provide dates and you will be able to confirm when would you like to attend the Online Training Course. This will be an intensive 1 day one-to-one course.
 If you intend to attend in person and get In-Clinic Hands-on Practice at our London Clinic, choose the INCLINIC option when making the reservation.
We will provide you with an Invitation letter for Visa and Travel to the UK.
Many of our candidates travel to the UK for a more practical experience and to practice on real models.
Should you need assistance with the travel booking package, let us know.
Our travel partners can provide a bespoke travel plan depending on your travel dates, duration, interests etc.
Why us?
We offer training sessions led by top-notch surgeons, and uniquely, our clinic stands out by providing exclusive one-on-one online courses. Unlike recorded sessions, our live courses ensure direct interaction with our skilled surgeons, offering you a personalized learning experience.
All our Training courses are delivered by experienced medical professionals only. You can find all the information about our Doctors, Surgeons and their academic background at the following link: https://harleyeliteacademy.com/academy-team-mentors/
You can contact us for more information, click here to send your message!

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