The Course is oriented to show how to handle all situations when complications might appear.

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Complications and Emergencies Online Training

How to identify these complications. Information on the emergency drugs . Botulinum Toxin T Complications
  • Level 1  Botulinum Toxin Type A Complications The Potential Side Effects Managing the Spock Brow.Occupations Which Need Special Consideration.
  • On this one day course, you will learn how to manage botulinum toxin asymmetry, brow/eyelid ptosis.
  • Level 2 Dermal Filler Complications.The Potential Side Effects,Dealing with vascular conclusion use of Hyaluronidase.How to Gaining Consent for Using Hyaluronidase.ACE Guidelines.
  • Level 3 Compication PDO Threads,remove PDO threads, if it has been introducing to the wrong lear of the skin , asymmetry after procedures used threads and dealing with infections.
  • Level 4 Complication BBL
  • Level 5  Additional Topics to Consider,Needlestick Injury.Vasovagal Episodes.Anaphylaxis.Preventing
  • Level 6 Emergency Drugs, Emergency Response Kit.The Emergency Pack



Created your confidence in handling an unhappy patient: Tools to help you deal with even the most difficult situations in your own clinic.

Includes anatomy ,information on the complications you may see whilst practicing Botox and Dermal Fillers in PDO Threads ,BBL the aesthetic practice.

Cosmetic medicine complication  is the most important training courses Before you start Injecting face and neck.

Using a systematic approach, the course covers immediate, early, and late-onset complications with key management protocols for each.Knowing how to review a patient after treatment and manage any complications that makes you a safe Aesthetic practitioner and ready to administrate and introduce product in to the faces and neck.Learn key complication-management protocols: Evidence-based steps to recognise manage and prevent the commonest and rarest aesthetic complications.