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Aesthetics Courses Available for USA

Expand Aesthetic Horizons at your Clinic with our Masterclass Training Courses

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Explore our website at and discover a diverse selection of training courses, including Brazilian Butt Lift/Sculpting, PDO Thread Lift, PRP and Micronanofat Grafting – all expertly accredited for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). 

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A World of Opportunities for Candidates in the USA

In the ever-evolving field of aesthetics, individuals in the United States have a wealth of opportunities to delve into a range of aesthetic courses. These courses cater to aspiring professionals seeking to enhance their skills in the intricate world of aesthetics, including injectables, fillers, and various aesthetic procedures.

While our clinic is situated in London, UK, we are pleased to welcome candidates from the United States who have enrolled in our courses. Whether opting for online modules or in-person sessions at our clinic, we are dedicated to providing accessible and enriching educational experiences for individuals across the globe, including those from the US.

Diverse Aesthetic Courses:

From foundational principles to advanced techniques, our aesthetic courses cover a diverse array of topics. These courses are designed to provide candidates with a comprehensive understanding of aesthetic practices, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of cosmetic procedures. Whether one is interested in mastering the art of facial injectables, understanding the science behind dermal fillers, or perfecting the use of cutting-edge technologies, there is a course to suit every aspirant’s needs.

Explore our Foundation Course if you’re new to the field of aesthetics!

Certifications and Accreditation:

Many of these aesthetic courses come with industry-recognized certifications and accreditations. The Level 7 certification, for example, is widely acknowledged, signifying a high standard of competence in the field. These certifications not only validate the skills acquired but also enhance the credibility of professionals in the eyes of clients and employers alike. 

All our Training Courses are CPD Certified

Blending Online Learning with Practical Experience:

The accessibility of online courses allows candidates to embark on their aesthetic journey from the comfort of their homes. Online modules cover theoretical aspects, ensuring a solid foundation in the subject matter. However, to bridge the gap between theory and practice, many courses also offer hands-on experiences. These practical sessions often involve working on real models under the guidance of experienced surgeons and medical trainers, providing invaluable real-world exposure.

All our Training courses are delivered by experienced medical professionals only. You can find all the information about our Doctors, Surgeons and their academic background at the following link:

Geographical Accessibility:

Aesthetic courses are not confined to specific regions; they are accessible across the United States. Whether you’re in bustling urban centers or more remote locations, the opportunity to enhance your aesthetic skills is within reach.

Networking and Career Advancement:

Beyond acquiring technical expertise, enrolling in aesthetic courses provides candidates with opportunities to network with like-minded professionals and industry experts. These connections can be instrumental in career advancement, opening doors to collaborations, mentorship, and potential job opportunities within the aesthetic industry.

Our most popular courses are:



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