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الدورات التدريبية في مجال التجميل في لندن
aldawrat altadribiat fi majal altajmil fi landan

It’s great to hear about Harley Elite Academy’s commitment to offering an exclusive Master Aesthetics Program Diploma, particularly tailored for UAE citizens. The Diploma level 7 is a significant accreditation, and it reflects a high standard of education in the field of aesthetics.

Here are a few aspects you might want to highlight to potential students or stakeholders:

  1. International Recognition: Emphasize the international recognition of the Diploma level 7, especially its equivalence to European standards. This can be a strong selling point for students who may want to work or continue their education in different parts of the world.

  2. Quality Education: Highlight the quality of education that Harley Elite Academy provides. Mention experienced instructors, cutting-edge curriculum, and state-of-the-art facilities to ensure students receive the best possible training.

  3. Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Discuss how the program aligns with the latest industry trends, technologies, and practices. A focus on practical skills and hands-on experience can set your academy apart from others.

  4. Career Support: Showcase the career support services offered to students, such as job placement assistance, industry connections, and networking opportunities. This will help students feel confident about their future prospects after completing the program.

  5. Exclusive Offer for UAE Citizens: Highlight the exclusivity of the program for UAE citizens, showcasing how it is designed to meet the specific needs and standards of the local market. This could include insights into the Emirates Medical Professionals’ requirements and expectations.

  6. Success Stories: Share success stories of past graduates who have gone on to become successful aestheticians, especially in Dubai. Real-world examples can inspire potential students and demonstrate the effectiveness of your program.

  7. Continuous Learning Opportunities: Mention any additional workshops, seminars, or continuing education opportunities that students can access even after completing the program. This emphasizes a commitment to ongoing professional development.

  8. Application Process and Admission Requirements: Provide clear information on the application process, admission requirements, and any prerequisites. This transparency helps potential students understand the steps they need to take to enroll in the program.

By effectively communicating these points, you can attract students who are passionate about aesthetics and are looking for a reputable institution to help them achieve their goals in the thriving field of aesthetics in Dubai.



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Study online and invest in your career with build up Packages for Cosmetic Medicine & Aesthetics Training Courses

Practitioners from all over the world can upgrade their Diploma and opt to complete their hands-on training where you will gain the practical experience and skills required to perform these treatments and kick start your career within the cosmetic & Aesthetic industry.

Training Courses Agenda

History and cosmetic Post Care Advanced •  Mechanism of action •  Indications •  Onset and duration of action •  Contraindications •  Complications & Adverse Events • Video of the techniques for procedures • Documentation needed • Post-treatment instructions and Follow-up •  HANDS-ON Models (in Clinic)  •  Questions and Discussion on legal implications.

The online course is CPD approved (6 hours verifiable).

Online Video Training Timeline

  • Online bookings available
  • After choosing your spot (Date & Time Available) 
  • Online training on Zoom / Skype apps
  • Total time 6h online theory
  • Coffee break 10 min each 90min

In Clinic Training Timeline

  • 10 am introduction and registration
  • 10:15 am lecture and theory
  • 12:00 questions and answers
  • 12:30 break , lunch ( we provide a lunch )
  • 13:00 discussion with models consultation
  • 13:30 Practice on Real Models
  • 15:00 coffee ☕ break
  • 15:30 concision of the trainings
  • 16:00 dealing with complications
  • 16:30 Final Testing 
  • 17:00 Received certificates

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